Scolaro & Associates (S&A) provides compassionate support and expert consulting to help individuals reach their personal and professional goals.

Brieanna Scolaro, MSW, Founder and Lead Strategist, is an experienced strategic planner and process coach based in NYC. She combines the most effective strategies from individual coaching, program planning & psychology to help her clients get the results they're looking for.

“You deserve someone on your side that is equally invested in your success as you are. I truly look forward to learning how we can reach your goals together. I promise to give you my honest opinion whether or not I'm the right person for the job.” - Brieanna

Brieanna Scolaro, MSW, Founder & Strategist

Brieanna Scolaro, MSW, Founder & Strategist



Individuals and small businesses often have big visions but lack the necessary time, energy or support to consistently work towards their goal or mission.


Providing support at both the individual and business level increases your clarity, consistency and capacity to take action, leading to the results you’re looking for.


Work 1-on-1 with a Strategist to determine priorities, develop a concrete road map for success and hold you and your business accountable.


Learn about our Founder and Lead Strategist, Brieanna Scolaro, MSW.


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