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with a Strategy Coach


Brieanna Scolaro, MSW is business and strategy coach. She helps her clients change their habits and strategy towards their goals to achieve sustainable results. Brieanna has a private practice in New York City and coaches clients around the country via Skype. 

  Brieanna Scolaro, MSW, Founder and Lead Strategist

Brieanna Scolaro, MSW, Founder and Lead Strategist

Meet Brieanna Scolaro, MSW

Brieanna Scolaro is an experienced strategic planner & coach based in NYC. She combines her backgrounds in personal coaching, program planning and business development to help her clients get the results they're looking for. 

How she can help: 

  • One-on-One Personal Coaching Sessions 
  • Consulting Sessions (Brainstorming, Problem Solving)
  • Strategy Development and Analysis
  • Website & Social Media Development 

What we can help with:




We have supported entrepreneurs within the for- and non-profit spaces. Our work is typically done with a combination of in-person, Skype and email support. View sample projects to the left.


We keep a small portfolio of clients to maintain a direct and effective relationship on each and every project. While one project may require our Senior Strategist to work directly on web design, another may only require supervision of your current consultant / employee.